Keeping it simple for your clients.

By implementing fresh ideas and novel design approaches we can make your web presence stand out from the crowd.

We understand that information is what your site is about. Our information design processes clarify the goals for your website. The result is a website centered around the user, where navigation is intuitive and your information is effectively presented.

We have the experience to deliver websites with a first impression that lasts and a look and feel that accurately represents your business. The end result is a stunning website optimised for your visitors.



We carefully hand code to W3C standards. We produce compliant websites optimised for search engines and the end user.

The W3C is the World Wide Web Consortium. They promote and standardise the web's evolution and ensure that web technologies work well together. We adhere to the W3C specifications which in turn results in a fast to load, easy to maintain and a future proofed website that works in all modern browsers.

Accessible by All

Accessibility is about making sure that your website can be viewed and used by the largest possible number of visitors and customers. Organisations have an obligation to conform to accessibility guidelines under the Disability Discrimination Act but this does not mean the creative design of your site should suffer.


Content management

Content management systems are for those who would like a bit more control over their website.

Once your website is running with a CMS you will have the power to log on to your website from anywhere and add new pages or update the content yourself without any technical skills, saving you both time and the cost of employing a developer.

We offer websites that integrate with the fantastic content management system Umbraco.



We are experienced at building ecommerce websites using the Umbraco CMS which can be configured as a fully featured online store.

We won't deliver a generic ecommerce solution that's designed to meet the requirements of most online shops. We use our development know-how to produce a bespoke system that works the way your business does.

Tea Commerce Partner

DoDarWeb is an authorised Tea Commerce solution provider, so you can be sure that we have the knowledge and experience required to build an effective ecommerce solution using Umbraco and the highly customisable, easy to use Tea Commerce package.



Once your website has been completed it will need to be stored on a high spec computer, known as a server, that is constantly connected to the Internet. The choice of hosting server is important as not all suppliers are the same.

We can take care of all your web hosting needs and can guarantee your website will be available 99.9% of the time. We will provide a custom quote based on your web space and bandwidth requirements. That way, you will receive a tailored web hosting package that will always be able to cope with your expected number of visitors without paying for more than you need.


Search engine optimisation (SEO)

How do you make sure your website is found? By studying the techniques and ranking formulae employed by the major search engines We have learnt how to create search engine-friendly websites. Crucially, we avoid the black hat trickery that some developers use to mislead search engines. Unfortunately what they don't realise is that the search engines get smarter all the time and they can result in your site being banned by key engines.